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Free bitcoin earning apk download

Free Bitcoins

Free Bitcoins is an app that gives you bitcoins, or more specifically satoshis (the minimum unit of a bitcoin), for free. All you have to do is watch video advertisements.

For each video you free bitcoin earning apk download, you earn a certain number of satoshis, which is normally between 100 and 300. Some longer videos earn you more satoshis, while shorter ones give you less. It's recommended to top bitcoin news connected to WiFi when watching the videos.

Another easy way to earn satoshis is to share the app with other users. For each user you refer who installs and starts using the app, you earn 3,000 additional satoshis.

Once you have a good number of satoshis, you just have to move them to your bitcoin wallet, where you can use them however you want. Of course, this means you need to link your bitcoin wallet to the app.

Free Bitcoins is a great app for earning bitcoins and, thus, earning a little extra money for very little work, free bitcoin earning apk download.
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